Member Minute: Free Live Transcripts in Zoom

Welcome to EMA’s Member Minute where I’ll be teaching you an actionable strategy, tip, trick, or hack to help you meet your enrollment goals - all in about a minute.

Zoom now has the ability to offer live transcripts of a call! And it’s free! This could be useful for those of you working with new international students and families for whom English is their second language or for that multitasker who can juggle between two meetings - one on mute but reading the transcripts and the other live or in person. 

To get started go to your Zoom settings and scroll down to close captioning and make sure your box is checked next to 'enable live transcription service' to show the transcript on the side panel in-meeting. Click Save.

Then inside your Zoom meeting click on the closed/live caption button on the bottom of your screen, next click on live transcription - enable auto-transcript.

Your participants need to also click on close caption to enable the feature on their end as well.  You can find out more about this feature on Zoom's website.

Zoom - That’s been your Member Minute! If you have a question let me know in EMA’s Member Community!

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Jennifer Davis

Jennifer Davis is Associate Director of Professional Development at EMA. She has enjoyed various roles during her long tenure at EMA. Currently she manages event logistics working closely with our ALC Faculty and EMA member volunteers to provide premier enrollment management professional development. Before joining The Enrollment Management Association, Jennifer started her career at Garrison Forest School (MD) as assistant director of admission. She is a graduate of Wyoming Seminary (PA), completed her bachelor’s degree at Syracuse University, and earned an MS in education and counseling from St. Lawrence University.

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