Do You Have a Crisis Communications Plan?

April 6, 2020 Emily Cretella

Don’t panic — it’s time to talk crisis communications.

I write this as the COVID-19 coronavirus spreads through global communities at an alarming rate. Universities and schools are now navigating both distance learning and virtual admissions, with no end in sight. 

While this is an unprecedented occurrence that of course requires careful communication with our communities, it is just one example of why crisis communications are critical. 

The way you choose to communicate in a crisis reflects your school’s brand, personality, community, and so much more. For that reason, it’s important to have a plan in place.

There are typically three phases of general crisis communications (pre-crisis, crisis, and post-crisis), and schools need to be prepared for them all. Get started by following the best crisis communication tips for independent schools outlined here. 

While it’s impossible to be prepared for every type of crisis situation, following these tips will help schools better communicate during serious events.

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Emily Cretella

Emily Cretella is an EMA featured expert, strategic storyteller, content marketer, and school marketer’s best business friend. The owner of Cursive Content, Emily helps school marketers tell powerful stories that attract dream families, increase inquiries and enrollment, strengthen communities, and grow school influence.

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