Women & EMA's 2023 State of the Independent School Enrollment Industry Report [S1.E13]

In this episode, Lynne and I are sharing our thoughts on the 2023 State of the Independent School Enrollment Industry Report, also known as the SOTI. 

We talked about three areas highlighted in the SOTI and their impact on women: 

1. What do enrollment leaders need to be successful?

2. What is the career journey for today's enrollment professional?

3. Real talk about the gender gap for men and women admission directors. 

This report is the Enrollment Management Association's (EMA) flagship research project providing a snapshot of the enrollment management industry about every three years. The 2023 update is EMA's fourth edition of the report. EMA members can view the full report and access the SOTI Data Dashboard at enrolllment.org in the Member Community. 

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