A Critical Marketing Tactic for Virtual Admissions

April 21, 2020 Emily Cretella

You know when you see an ad on Facebook that just … speaks to you? Even if it’s for a product or service that you’ve never heard of, and never thought about?

And then, you click through to a website page that sucks you right in, capturing your attention in one or two lines of text and immediately addressing any inkling of doubt you had in what is being sold.

“It’s like they KNOW me,” you might think … as you click [[BUY NOW]].

And if there’s a great conversion copywriter behind the page, it’s because they do. 

Conversion copywriting is about understanding what will persuade your audience to take action, and then crafting content that leads them to take that action. It’s a style that is not widely used in the independent school communications world, and I believe this is costing schools leads, inquiries, donations, and applicants — especially during this unusual time of social distancing due to COVID-19. 

If you want to improve the results of your virtual admissions efforts, start by learning the basics in Conversion Copywriting for Schools: An Introduction

Overall, we need to put less focus on vanity metrics and more on actual results. Your entire lead generation funnel needs to work at max capacity to show your dream families that you understand them, that you are a safe and trusted resource, and that you are worthy of that next step — whether it be signing up for a (virtual) open house, scheduling a (virtual) visit, or submitting an application.

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About the Author

Emily Cretella

Emily Cretella is an EMA featured expert, strategic storyteller, content marketer, and school marketer’s best business friend. The owner of Cursive Content, Emily helps school marketers tell powerful stories that attract dream families, increase inquiries and enrollment, strengthen communities, and grow school influence.

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