What is the SSAT Audit Program?

What is the SSAT Audit Program?

From The Yield, Spring 2015

Site Selection The Enrollment Management Association selects sites for audits that provide a varied representation of administrations, including those of different sizes, geographic locations, test levels, etc.

Before Testing

In most cases, a member of The Enrollment Management Association’s Audit Program will contact the test administrator one week prior to testing to provide a brief overview of the audit program and to answer any questions. While unannounced audits are possible, most audits are announced.

Test Day

On test day, the auditor will arrive, display identification, make introductions, and begin the review. During testing, the auditor will move among rooms, make observations, and take notes. During breaks and after testing, the auditor will take the opportunity to speak with proctors and to elicit administrator feedback about their overall testing experience.


The SSAT auditor will provide the complete test audit report to the test administrator within a week of the test.

The Results

The Enrollment Management Association would like to thank the test administrators and proctors who hosted our team during the most recent Standard tests: Avenues: The World School (NY), Georgetown Prep (MD), Loomis-Chaffee (CT), and Rutgers Prep (NJ). These audits have already yielded great suggestions for changes to the SSAT Test Administration Guide & Script including clarified directions, better organization of details, and the development of new sign templates. We are also reviewing test administrator and proctor feedback concerning improved student check-in, easier special accommodations management, and enhanced test security.

If you are interested in requesting an SSAT Audit or have any test administration-related questions, please contact Jennifer Davis, The Enrollment Management Association’s Test Administration Manager, at jdavis@ssat.org or 609-240-1610.

SSAT Audit Program Goals:

  • Ensure standardized testing conditions and proper administration
  • Find opportunities to improve SSAT materials, instructions, and support
  • Facilitate test administrator and proctor feedback


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