Open Letter to the Membership from the CbT Co-Chairs

Open Letter to the Membership from the CbT Co-Chairs

From Memberanda, Fall 2012

Dear The Enrollment Management Association Members,

As with all other facets of our lives, the technology involved with standardized testing is changing rapidly. As a result, we have reached an opportune time for the SSAT to be administered in a manner which utilizes the latest technologies to the benefit of both our students and our members, while keeping our commitment to providing test takers and members with the highest quality test. The Computer-based Testing (CbT) Committee is dedicated to using The Enrollment Management Association’s place as a leader in independent school testing to create a computer-based test delivery and administration process that has numerous advantages over paper-based testing, including:

❶ Potential for significant reduction in time needed for the release of score results to test takers and schools

❷ Increased test security through reduction of inherent risks associated with shipping and storing paper-based tests

❸ Greater flexibility in scheduling tests for schools and families

❹ Delivery of the test to students in an environment with which they are familiar

❺ Establishment of a platform (CbT) that will allow The Enrollment Management Association to introduce new complementary methods of assessment and content in the future

The Enrollment Management Association has partnered with Internet Testing Systems – a leader in internet test delivery that offers the most secure, efficient, and cost-effective computer-based testing model – and the committee has already begun important foundational work. The next two years will be pilot years, with limited pilot testing at selected schools and consultant offices. Our goal is to roll out CbT widely by fall 2014 and make live CbT testing available to any member that is able to meet the partnership guidelines and technical requirements for participating as a CbT center.

Our long-term goal is to deliver as many computer-based tests as possible by fall 2017. This ambitious, multi-year project will require the collective efforts of many. While we are excited to lead this effort, it is only through your support that we will succeed and bring to market a test that will continue as the industry standard for years to come. When we call to solicit your involvement, we hope that you will be able to respond.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Amy Sayfie, Ransom Everglades School (FL)

Tom Sheppard, Stevenson School (CA)

Computer-based Testing Committee Co-Chairs

CbT Committee Members

Amy Sayfie, Director of Admission, Ransom Everglades School, FL
Tom Sheppard, Director of Admission, Stevenson School, CA
Susan Booth, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives, NAIS, DC
Tim Fish, Associate Headmaster for Strategic Affairs/ Director of Admissions, McDonogh School, MD
Don McMillan, President, Howland, Spence & McMillan, Inc., MA
Struan Robertson, Director of Marketing and Recruitment, Lakefield College School, ON
Steve Robinson, Ph.D., President, SAIS, GA
Dick Rovinelli, Ph.D., Psychometrician


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