Member Circle Spring 2014

Member Circle Spring 2014

From The Yield, Spring 2014

2013: The Year of the Family Webinar!

How do I register for the SSAT? What if I need special accommodations? What do the numbers on my score report mean? This year, The Enrollment Management Association introduced its first webinar series just for families, to answer these very questions. By all accounts, the webinar series has been extremely successful with over 32,000 views for the set of family-targeted webinars, including All About the SSAT, Reading Your Score Report, and All About the Standard Application Online (SAO).

The Enrollment Management Association recorded one of each of these webinars, and they are available online on the SSAT Help Center page (, so that families can view them at any time. This page also contains links to a variety of instructional video tutorials and step-by-step PDF instructions for the most asked-about topics.

POLICY CHANGE: Paper Score Report Mailing

In an effort to match and augment the momentum so many of our member schools and organizations have gained in the move towards a paperless office, in 2014-2015 The Enrollment Management Association will refrain from mailing printed score reports to those schools/organizations receiving fewer than 200 score reports in the current (2013-2014) testing season. All score reports will continue to be available online through the The Enrollment Management Association Member Access Portal (MAP), delivered there in real time once scoring and equating have been completed (within two weeks of testing) or upon a student’s designation of a school as a score recipient. Members can easily print score reports from the PDFs available on their MAP, if they wish to continue using a paper version of the SSAT score report. Eliminating the costly, time-consuming process of printing and mailing paper scores will allow The Enrollment Management Association to focus on developing the most robust online delivery system possible, while also facilitating the trend toward a paper-free and environmentally friendly admission process.

Still Accepting Applicants? Let Students Know!

What is the Schools Currently Considering Applicants (SCCA) Filter?

The SCCA filter on the SSAT School Search enables students – still looking for the right school – to search specifically for independent day and boarding schools with admission and program openings for Summer, Fall, and Winter sessions. Meeting the Needs of Admission Offices By ensuring that your school’s SCCA information is up to date on your Member Access Portal (MAP), you will reach prospective students, who can easily access the contact information and program details for schools still accepting applications, as well as your colleagues in admission who can use the same search function to encourage referrals to your school.

Reach Thousands of Prospective Students

The SSAT School Search is visited by thousands of students and school personnel every month. Users can search program openings by school, location, or session. Updates are made in real time through your Member Access Portal (MAP). To List Openings at Your School: The Enrollment Management Association member schools may list program or grade openings for Summer 2014, Fall 2014, and Winter/Spring 2014/2015 sessions by updating their school’s profile in the Member Access Portal (MAP).


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