An Unwaivering Commitment to Access

An Unwaivering Commitment to Access

From The Yield, Fall 2014 

The Enrollment Management Association’s commitment to access is not only written in our statement of core values, but is demonstrated each and every day through our Fee Waiver Program. As Executive Director Heather Hoerle explains, “The Enrollment Management Association’s commitment to diversity and access goes above and beyond any other organization in this space. Fee waivers represent a significant portion of our operating budget, and we are proud of our role in helping families gain access to our schools.” We distributed (and processed/serviced) nearly $800,000 in free tests this year.

Committed to Access. Committed to Members.

In addition to our commitment to students, we are also committed to making fee waiver management easier for our schools. We introduced a fee waiver bank to the Member Access Portal (MAP) this academic year. The bank allows schools and organizations to assign and track their fee waiver usage. Additional enhancements include the ability for users to:

• Create and assign partial fee waivers

• Distribute fee waivers to national and international applicants via email

• Track all assigned waivers online to ensure families have registered for the SSAT

• Check your statement to know exactly how much money is left in your bank

Some important guidelines to keep in mind:

• Fee waivers are for the test fees only and cannot be used for late fees and/or additional services or products.

• A student should only be granted one fee waiver per academic year.

• Students cannot apply multiple waivers to one test registration, so if you believe that a student qualifies for a full waiver, provide it!

• If you need additional waivers at any time during the year, simply email us at 
We are here to help.

Why are Fee Waivers Important to our Community?

“In my experience working with students from socioeconomically challenged backgrounds, the entire prep school application process feels to them like they are entering a dark labyrinth. At each turn, they fear they will encounter yet another setback! These are fears admissions counselors can allay if each member of the admissions staff is briefed and knowledgeable of how efficiently and effectively to procure fee waivers for students who require them. Let’s all strive to be a thread for those who may be wandering blindly.” 
- Erin Avery, CEP, Founder, Avery Educational Resources


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