Introducing PROSPECT for Higher Ed

April 5, 2021

Discover PROSPECT, the first-of-its-kind recruitment tool to provide higher education institutions with the ability to engage private day and boarding school students and their parents, beginning with rising ninth-grade families. Learn how to reinvigorate your enrollment funnel with PROSPECT here.

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Video Transcript

Hello, Hans Mundahl here. I'm excited to introduce you to PROSPECT, the first-of-its-kind database transforming college recruitment efforts by connecting colleges and universities with highly motivated high school students and their parents.

So what makes PROSPECT unique?

For starters, it consists primarily of high school students in private day and boarding schools who have strong aspirations for obtaining a college degree. But what really separates PROSPECT from other student recruitment databases is that subscribers gain early access to parent and student information of rising ninth graders. This gives enrollment teams four years to build relationships with families. Subscribers retain access and can use the data from their subscription period for up to four years.

So how does PROSPECT work?

This dynamic recruitment tool is curated by The Enrollment Management Association, creator of the SSAT, the gold standard for secondary school admission assessment. Families registering for the SSAT or any one of our other services provide their consent to join PROSPECT and to connect with colleges and universities. With families registering accounts year-round, PROSPECT is updated in real-time. This continually supplies thousands of new candidates to engage within the subscription. Given the ever-growing nature of PROSPECT, there are no download limits for subscribers.

Accredited colleges, universities, and trusted organizations, such as scholarship providers, are eligible for PROSPECT subscriptions. Competitive pricing is based on segmentation—local, regional, national, or international in co-ed or single-gender. Subscription upgrades are, of course, always available if you start with segmented access and then decide to expand your outreach later.

PROSPECT provides subscribers with detailed filtering including demographics, geography, gender, interests, and of course, SSAT test score percentile ranges. This enables you to target the best candidates for your enrollment funnel.

We look forward to helping you meet your enrollment goals with PROSPECT. If you have any questions, please contact us at

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