How to Recruit Students of Faith With PROSPECT

March 20, 2022

Watch the video above to learn how to recruit students of faith, including those who identify with Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism, to your college or university using PROSPECT. Brought to you by The Enrollment Management Association, creator of the SSAT, the gold standard in secondary school admission assessments, PROSPECT is the best way to recruit private school students. 

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Hello, Hans Mundahl here. I'm going to show you how higher education enrollment professionals can identify and recruit students of faith with PROSPECT. But first, what is PROSPECT?

PROSPECT is the top recruiting tool for reaching private school students. It's unique because you gain access to student and parent information and can begin nurturing families of rising ninth graders. What's more, you get four-year access to the contact information from your subscription period.

PROSPECT is curated by The Enrollment Management Association, the private school enrollment leader since 1957. We support more than 1300 schools and 80,000 families every year. Students enter PROSPECT when they register for one of our services, such as the SSAT, the gold standard in secondary school admission assessment, and provide consent to connect with colleges and universities.

You'll find students of faith in PROSPECT from your backyard and halfway around the world who are currently attending private day schools and elite boarding schools. Sixty-five percent of candidates in PROSPECT are students of faith.

Fifty-four percent of them identify with one of the Christian denominations where Catholicism leads the way with 33 percent. Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism all have strong representation in PROSPECT with 10 to 11 percent of students for each. It's important to note here that students can affiliate themselves with more than one religion as our families come from all walks of life.

Within PROSPECT, you can easily filter students by their religious affiliations. In addition, you can further segment by demographics such as location, gender, ethnicity, and age and you can also find students with 86 different academic, art, athletic and extracurricular interests.

One of PROSPECT's unique advanced filtering features is the ability to sort context by family median income and home value, along with student SSAT score percentile range, enabling enrollment leaders to focus on potential applicants who meet their institution's academic standards.

And with new students joining PROSPECT daily, you can sort by date to avoid duplicates in your existing email campaigns.

We look forward to helping you meet your enrollment needs with PROSPECT. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out at or 609-436-6162.

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