Member Minute: Video for Social Media

Welcome to EMA’s Member Minute where I’ll be teaching you an actionable strategy, tip, trick, or hack to help you meet your enrollment goals. I’ll even be demoing some of the tools and techniques you might use - and all that in about a minute.

Video can be a powerful tool to help you tell your school’s unique story. But often we can get bogged down with concerns about cost, time, or message. And although I’m a gear nerd I often tell folks that the best camera is the one you already have - whether that’s the one in your laptop or the one on your phone.

Try this the next time you are heading to a meeting.

  • Walk with your phone in your hand instead of in your pocket or purse.
  • That way when you see something awesome happening you’re ready to launch the camera app and shoot a 5-15 second video.
  • Film with the phone in a vertical position for Instagram and hold your phone with two hands or against your body to reduce shake.
  • If you need to you can trim the start and end of the video right inside the photos app.

Now you have a cool clip you can post to your instagram account. Want to find out more about how to make video on your phone? Join our webinar on this topic!

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