Member Minute: Summer Recruitment

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Welcome to EMA’s Member Minute where I’ll be teaching you an actionable strategy, tip, trick, or hack to help you meet your enrollment goals and all that in about a minute.

Hitting your enrollment numbers is your most important job and if you’re recruiting students into the top of the funnel during the summer the pressure is on. I recently polled a group of enrollment experts for their top tips to drive families into admission over the summer so let’s get started.

Advertisement is never a bad thing, why not buy EMA’s student prospect list for an email campaign or physical mailing, or maybe buy an add on a local radio station? Talk with faculty at end of year meetings so they speak the schools language and engage families. Better yet, ask them to spread the word about the school and give them a specific postcard or handout to distribute. You could do the same thing for your board too.

Summer camps, oh my goodness summer camps! All those students! Try bringing snacks to the campers and handout an admission postcard, or post a parent program after dropoff or before pickup, or turn it around the other way and invite admission applicants to come to camp for a discount or for free.

Zoom’s still good - have an event at night your time for overseas families and focus the content on the emotional and academic needs of international parents. What about a zoom event with key faculty or alumni?

Do you have recent grads or parents who are influencers? Ask them to put out the word via social media or on the golf course. Why not call recently admitted families. What made them decide to enroll? How can you reach more applicants like their child? Are families moving into your area? Try reaching out to real estate agents and local employers.

Don’t forget to show off programing on and off campus. The environment around your school can be a huge draw! Things like bike trails, swimming, the farmers market, or swimming in the lakes. Clean air and a safe environment is easily marketable!

What do you think? How are you working to attract families to your school this summer? Let us know in EMA’s Member Community!

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