Member Minute: In-Person Tips for AC21

Welcome to EMA’s Member Minute, where I’ll be teaching you an actionable strategy, tip, trick, or hack to help you meet your enrollment goals and all that in about a minute. AC21 is going to feel different, but it’s going to be awesome! Here are my top tips for staying safe in Seattle.

First of all please complete your COVID-19 declaration before you arrive, a fully vaccinated event helps everyone stay safe.

We’ve got three KF94 masks for you at the registration desk. Please wear one over your mouth and nose at all times during the conference except when you’re eating or drinking. Presenters can take their masks off while on stage or at the front of the room if they feel comfortable.

Feel free to sit with your box lunch with your friends or, if you prefer, stand at one of the tables in the vendor area, and you can even take it to your room if you’d like.

Everyone should use the conference app (event code is ac21) to check in at each session for contact tracing, and if you don’t feel well please stay in your room and let us know. We can bring you a rapid COVID test and make sure you can watch the conference online until you feel better.

There are hand sanitizer stations in every meeting room at the conference so wash those hands frequently! One more thing: many restaurants in the city require proof of vaccination so we recommend having a picture of the front and back of your vaccination card on your phone.

AC21 is going to feel different, but it’s going to be awesome - I look forward to giving you an elbow bump!

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Hans Mundahl

Hans Mundahl is the Director of Professional Development at EMA. He has been an educator since 1995 when he first stepped into the classroom as a Fulbright exchange teacher in the former East Germany. Since then Hans has done just about every job possible at an independent school from teacher to administrator. Most recently Hans was the head of school at a K-8 day school in central New Hampshire. Hans’s spare time is usually spent with his family but he is also passionate about the outdoors and protecting the environment.

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