Member Minute: Data Dashboards

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Welcome to EMA’s Member Minute, where I’ll be teaching you an actionable strategy, tip, trick, or hack to help you meet your enrollment goals, and all that in about a minute!

Whether you have a board meeting coming up, or you’re just asking yourself: where do we stand compared to last year? Which schools are we overlapping with? How might our yield be? EMA’s Data Dashboards can help.

To answer these questions and look at eighteen different data points, head over to the Member Access Portal, sign in and click on Data Dashboards. Right away you’ll be able to see how many SSAT score reports you received this year but the magic is in the year-to-year comparison. Notice you can easily take a screenshot of the dashboard for your board report, or download the CSV if you’d like to manipulate the data further. The Overlaps report is awesome. This shows you which students sent scores to only your school, as well as the schools you share candidates with.

There’s so much more to say about the Data Dashboards but I’ll leave it there to keep this video under a minute. If you need help accessing your Data Dashboard reach out to your regional EMA representative or ask me a question about it in EMA’s Member Community and thanks to CircleScapes for sponsoring this video!

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Hans Mundahl

Hans Mundahl is the Director of Professional Development at EMA. He has been an educator since 1995 when he first stepped into the classroom as a Fulbright exchange teacher in the former East Germany. Since then Hans has done just about every job possible at an independent school from teacher to administrator. Most recently Hans was the head of school at a K-8 day school in central New Hampshire. Hans’s spare time is usually spent with his family but he is also passionate about the outdoors and protecting the environment.

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