Gift 8: Financial Aid Webinar Series [Discount]

How well does your admissions office understand the financial aid landscape at your school? If the answer is "not well", they should.  

Today's gift is $30 off our Financial Aid Training Series. Use the discount code [holidayhub] when registering.

This on-demand series course highlights knowledge from the industry's best financial aid experts.

  • One-time purchase provides lifetime access for your entire team.
  • Six sessions led by industry experts complete with video, slide decks, and transcripts.
  • Affordable, user-friendly, expert information about a vital part of your job.
  • Be well prepared to answer questions from students and families.
  • Competently partner with your business office and report to your head of school.
  • Understand the ways financial aid and your school’s mission intertwine.
  • Learn anytime, anywhere, at your own pace 
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