Success in Numbers: Building the Boarding School Funnel [Podcast Ep.16]

November 28, 2018 Peter Baron and Hans Mundahl

Join Peter and Hans as they learn from Sheila Mitchell (formerly Miklos), VP of market growth & deputy managing director of TABS/NABI, how NABI has enabled boarding schools to work together towards expanding awareness of the transformative boarding school experience.

Released November 28, 2018

The Association of Boarding Schools launched the North American Boarding Initiative (NABI) to increase market knowledge and understanding of boarding schools as a whole, with the ultimate goal of filling the domestic boarding school admission funnel.

About the Author

Peter Baron and Hans Mundahl

Peter Baron is EMA's chief member relations officer, responsible for the creation and oversight of our external programs as well as our membership promise. He oversees marketing and communications, member recruitment and retention, and outreach functions, as well as leadership training programs, research, and other related strategic initiatives. With a career spent in product development, sales, relationship development, and marketing, Peter's success has been built on listening to schools' and families' needs. Hans Mundahl is EMA's director of professional development and has been an educator since 1995, when he first stepped into the classroom as a Fulbright exchange teacher in the former East Germany. Since then, Hans has taught in a variety of settings, including as an Outward Bound instructor, classroom teacher, house parent, and in higher ed. Hans has served in just about every role possible in an independent school including as an admission officer, program leader, trustee, and head of school.

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