Start Here: Guide for Speakers


Congratulations on being selected to present a workshop at The Enrollment Management Association’s Annual Conference!

As you’ve heard this event will not be taking place in-person. Of course, we’re sad not to be gathering together in Chicago! On the other hand, this new mode of teaching and learning presents us with many opportunities!

Your session was going to take place live during the conference. Participants would have chosen among many amazing presentations and you would have only presented your information once. Because we are not bound to a particular place and time we can solve both of these problems by using an on-demand learning model. That’s where we need your help!

We're Here to Help

You'll find all the resources you need right here including how to create your session, record it, and send it to us. You'll even learn how to create your very own Zoom background! If you need help there are several ways you can reach out. Read on to find out more!

What does On-Demand Learning look like? 
On-Demand Learning is different from a webinar or a recorded presentation. If you’ve ever watched a 45 minute recorded webinar you know how difficult it can be to keep your focus and draw insight. Our On-Demand Learning modules are different. Each On-Demand Learning session is asynchronous (pre-recorded) rather than synchronous (live).

Each lesson will contain three types of content:

  • Read: 500 words summarizing the key takeaways from the workshop
  • Watch: 20 minute recorded video of the most important slides from your presentation
  • Engage: A checklist, worksheet, or activity that turns the learning into action

When will conference attendees have access to On-Demand Learning?
Conference attendees will have access to some of the On-Demand Learning content beginning in July. Of course, not all of the workshops will be recorded by then. That’s okay - we’ll be offering additional sessions as they become available throughout the summer and into the fall.

What do you need to do?
Now we need your help! Here are the steps you will follow to create your On-Demand Learning lesson:

Here are the next steps you will follow to create your on-demand learning lesson:

  • Make a copy of our Google Slides presenter template
  • Download a copy of your Zoom Background template
  • Prepare a short slide presentation within the template - remember the video recording part of your lesson is only 20 minutes long so 15-25 slides is probably about right
  • Complete a short survey for our tech team to assist you better 
  • Work together with your co-presenter(s) to record your slide presentation using Zoom – view instructions
  • Write 500 words summarizing the key takeaways from your lesson
  • Prepare a short checklist, worksheet or activity that turns the learning from your lesson into action 

If you aren’t sure how to complete any of these tasks we are here to help! We will be in touch shortly to schedule a time to connect. Also please find the worksheets below that will help you complete your On-Demand Lesson.

Finally don’t forget to join us during the synchronous sessions at EMA Annual Conference 2020! You’ll be able to join discussions, panels, and keynotes to connect with your peers and discuss your area of expertise.

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