The Ride to Independent Schools 2020-2021 (Report Preview)

February 16, 2021
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The independent school landscape is more competitive than ever. Parents have a plethora of choices beyond public school for their children's education. The process of choosing an independent school involves much consideration, a great deal of investigation and ultimately critical decision-making. It is thoughtful, emotionally charged, stressful and time-consuming. It is a ride.

Schools that appreciate and understand what parents are thinking, and how they feel at each stage of that ride, will be better equipped to meet parents' needs and concerns.

We developed The Ride to Independent Schools report to provide deeper insight into the heads and hearts of parents choosing an independent school, which will ultimately impact the quality and results of school enrollment efforts.

Several significant themes emerged from our findings:

  • Parents’ opinions often defy logic
  • Authenticity is everything
  • Day parents tend to pick day schools and boarding parents tend to pick boarding schools (but both are willing to switch)
  • Financial aid needs a rethink
  • Schools can never stop competing
  • Diversity is an important factor

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