Interpretive Guide for the Character Skills Snapshot

January 2, 2020

The newest tool in our Member Toolkit, The Character Skills Snapshot, allows schools the ability to learn even more about applicants; specifically seven character skills which were selected for their connection to future success in school, work, and life.

Families want schools to see a more complete picture of their students during the admission process. We, too, believe that students should be evaluated in a more holistic way that includes more personal elements in addition to the traditional elements of an application. The Snapshot offers students an opportunity to share information about their character with schools in a way that is consistent for all applicants.

The Snapshot measures a student’s preferences, attitudes, and beliefs about their character. It does not measure their behavior.

The Snapshot is meant to complement, not replace, other materials that are part of an application. The Snapshot results can help a school learn more about a student, and the applicant group as a whole —from the student’s perspective. Using it can aid in understanding if and how the programs you offer might best serve a student, based on the students’ preferences. The Snapshot is not intended to be used to determine if a student should or should not be admitted. Alongside a complete application, The Snapshot is intended to offer context to help you better understand the whole student.

We are pleased to provide this guide in order to acquaint member schools and organizations with various aspects of The Character Skills Snapshot and provide guidelines for the interpretation and use of results reports.

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A New Guide to Help You Interpret Character Skills Snapshot Results

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