Three Exciting Character Skills Snapshot Enhancements You Need to Know

December 5, 2019 Kate Auger-Campbell

Get ready for the first Snapshot results of the season!

On Thursday, December 12, we will release the first Character Skills Snapshot results of the year. After we release those results to families, they will be able to share them with the school. 

There are three exciting enhancements you’ll want to be aware of: 

  1. Results Reports will look a little different this year

    During this past year we spent a lot of time collecting feedback from schools and families about their experiences with The Snapshot. Based on that feedback we have enhanced the results reports to provide even more context. We have categorized the 7 character skills into three areas, skills that are intellectual in nature, skills that are intrapersonal in nature, and skills that are interpersonal in nature.
You can preview the enhanced report here
  1. You can now download a .csv file with Snapshot data

    Many schools asked for a way to get Snapshot data out of the system so they could upload it into their own databases. We’re happy to report that you will be able to do that with this first release of results. On your Snapshot results dashboard you will now see two new export options. 

  1. Families know more about The Snapshot

    Based on feedback from families we learned they wanted to know a lot more about The Snapshot- how it was created, what is the purpose, how might schools use it. Families now have a wealth of information provided to them from their accounts about The Snapshot. Below is a glimpse of what a family sees from inside their account.

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