A Computer-Based SSAT is coming

September 24, 2019 Ben Habermann

Beginning September 30, a limited number of families registering for the Upper Level SSAT will be presented with the option to register for the computer-based SSAT pilot to be offered on the standard test dates January 4 and February 8, 2020. The content for each standard test date will remain the same (i.e., the test form for the paper-based and computer-based SSAT on January 4th will be identical).

EMA has partnered with Prometric, who will host computer-based test takers at their testing sites. Student results will be available two weeks after taking the computer-based SSAT (same timeline as the paper-based SSAT).

The pilot will help EMA understand how to best incorporate computer-based testing as an option for families taking the SSAT, and do so in a way that does not negatively impact the test taking experience for families, or the “gold standard” quality of the test and score reports. EMA will look to expand the pilot to include more standard test dates and testing sites for the 2020-21 academic testing year. The pilot will also expand to include middle level test takers.

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